Do-it-yourself graphs (Data version: April 2016)

In this section the data of the Democracy Barometer may be graphically displayed. Choose between the following options:

Important note

0. Geochart: display an element on the world map

1. Comparison over time: compare several elements in one country for various years.

2. Country comparison:

  Across countries (several countries and elements, one year) Over time (several countries any years, one element)
lin1 lin2

3. Democracy functions:

  Across countries (several countries, one year) Over time (several years, one country)
profile1 profile2

Note: Missing values in the extended sample

In the extended dataset of the Democracy Barometer, mainly in Eastern Europe and South America, we have partly missing values. These are caused by lacking raw data in some countries, which makes it impossible to aggregate our indicators further. Missing values are most common in the timespan between 1990 and 2000, and on higher levels of aggregation. If there are no values for the year respectively the country, the democracy functions cannot be displayed. To avoid this problem, you can either choose later years (after 2000), switch to other countries which have no missing values, or use data on a lower level of aggregation – for instance, functions instead of principles.